Goodwill Fashion Styles

At Goodwill you will find gently used and new designer clothing, shoes, bags an accessories. Giving you the feeling of empowerment to shop and  create fabulous unique trendy styles at deeply discounted prices.You would be shocked at the amazing things you can find at the Goodwill!

Shopping at goodwill has become my place of peace and freedom!

Check out our GOODWILL Shoot that I styled and is featured in this months issue of NOUS Magazine:

Shirt: $3.99
Skirt $4.99
Belt: $1.99
Shoes BCBG $12.99
Purse: $5.99

Image (Left)

Blazer: $5.99
Pants: $4.99
Shoes by Report Signature: $9.99
Ring: $1.99

Image (right)

Sweater: $4.99
Pants: $3.99
Bracelets: $1.99
Glasses: $3.99
Shoes by Jessica Simpson: $14.99

Image (Right)

Skirt: $4.99
Belt: $2.99
Shoes Aldo: $9.99
Bracelets: $2.99
Earrings: $2.99

So lets seize he day and end it with a smile; shop at Goodwill.
Your Style, Your Budget